Churches in Smithville TN

Although Smithville is a rather small town, they still have a good measure of places to visit, and attractions that may really surprise you. You may indeed find some new lures or learn some history. Smithville Tennessee has a fair number of churches in the area of all different kinds of denominations based on your religious viewpoints and beliefs.

Christpoint Smithville is located at 614 MurphySt., Smithville TN. They gather Sundays at 1100 AM and Wednesdays at 545 PM. They began with a group of around 32 people and now witness a tremendous ministry and invite all people.
New Life United pentecostal church is set up at 860 S Congress Blvd, Smithville, TN. Pentecostalism is a kind of Christianity that displays the work of the Holy Spirit and the particular experience of the closeness of God by each believer. Pentecostals hold that faith must be believed through deeply objective means, and not being set up only through practice or studies. They have meeting times on both Sunday and Wednesday.

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Smithville Church of Christ is another church in the area, located at 520 Dry Creek Rd. They do their best to follow New Testament Christianity in all its excellent rigorousness. Overall, they strive to be acolytes of Jesus who love God and each other. The Churches of Christ imitate the standard tutoring of the person of Christ and the Bible as the single law of faith and practice with the power of the New Testament as the symbol of the will of God.

Smithville Church of God is an assembly located at 801 W Broad St, Smithville, TN 37166. The Church of God holds that the act of pardon is the kindest deed of mercy from God. By this, He gives full mercy of all guilt and full freedom from the penalty of sins you’ve committed. Steve Myers & Son Nursery is proud to be able to locally offer Smithville TN Landscaping trees.